CSC165 - sLog wk#7

This week we continued studying algorithm analysis and asymptotic notation. We formalized the definition of big-O (upper-bound) and big-Omega (lower-bound), learned how to prove if a function is in big-O or big-Omega, and analyzed a couple of algorithms. To finish the class we solved an interesting problem that I'll be posting about later... stay tunned.

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CSC165 - sLog wk#5

This week we continued our discussion about proofs. Since we had covered the basics last week, this week we delve into it a bit more. We discussed proofs about non-boolean functions, limits, and also talked about disproofs.

What was this week about?

  • Proof about non-boolean functions
  • Proof something is false
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CSC165 - sLog wk#4

Another week completed! Also, we just wrote our first midterm exam for the course. After the exam, we continued with the lecture as expected (it is a 3 hours long class!) and started to dig a little bit deeper on proofs. In my opinion, proofs are a bit boring at the beginning, but once you get a grasp of it, it gets more interesting. Let's review it!

Euclid's Proof of the Infinitude of Primes (c. 300 BC)

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CSC165 - sLog wk#3

Forth week done! I have just finished the first assignment after some googling around. This week we reviewed some of the rules from last week's lecture and worked with bi-implications and transitivity. We also briefly talked about proofs and finished up the class with an interesting problem-solving exercise about paper folding.

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