CSC165 - sLog wk#5

This week we continued our discussion about proofs. Since we had covered the basics last week, this week we delve into it a bit more. We discussed proofs about non-boolean functions, limits, and also talked about disproofs.

What was this week about?

  • Proof about non-boolean functions
  • Proof something is false
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CSC165 - sLog wk#4

Another week completed! Also, we just wrote our first midterm exam for the course. After the exam, we continued with the lecture as expected (it is a 3 hours long class!) and started to dig a little bit deeper on proofs. In my opinion, proofs are a bit boring at the beginning, but once you get a grasp of it, it gets more interesting. Let's review it!

Euclid's Proof of the Infinitude of Primes (c. 300 BC)

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CSC165 - sLog wk#3

Forth week done! I have just finished the first assignment after some googling around. This week we reviewed some of the rules from last week's lecture and worked with bi-implications and transitivity. We also briefly talked about proofs and finished up the class with an interesting problem-solving exercise about paper folding.

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CSC165 - sLog wk#2

During this week's lecture we talked about logical operators such as conjunctions and disjunctions, discussed the negation of statements, and focused slightly more on predicates. We then saw how to legitimate or proof input values by using truth tables, and to conclude we reviewed the rule of replacement for expressions in logical proofs.

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CSC165 - sLog wk#1

CSC165: Mathematical Expression and Reasoning for Computer Science is a course I am taking at University of Toronto. Basically, every student is required to write a blog post summarizing what they learned every week. This is my first attempt. You may find myself going a little bit out of scope in order to try to find some concrete applications to the theories taught in class. Also, since most of the code examples in the class are written in python, I'll be using it for examples whenever necessary. Hope you like it!

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