CSC165 - sLog wk#1

CSC165: Mathematical Expression and Reasoning for Computer Science is a course I am taking at University of Toronto. Basically, every student is required to write a blog post summarizing what they learned every week. This is my first attempt. You may find myself going a little bit out of scope in order to try to find some concrete applications to the theories taught in class. Also, since most of the code examples in the class are written in python, I'll be using it for examples whenever necessary. Hope you like it!

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The DNA of a Great Developer

Finding developers with sound logic and solid algorithms thinking isn't necessarily an easy task. On top of finding someone that is highly technical, you also have to look for a developer that has strong interpersonal skills and who fits your team and company's culture, making this task even more challenging.

Having interviewed many developers over the past few years, I have created a footprint list that I use when interviewing or screening candidates. I find myself updating this list every so often, so don't take it as is, but as a base to develop your own list.

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Sorting JavaScript Arrays

Sorting arrays in JavaScript is fairly simple. Using the built-in array.sort() is easy and accomplishes the job most of the time.However, the output of the sort function provided by that isn't always stable.

The following code will sort arrays using the Insertion Sort algorithm, which is known for being simple, and relatively efficient in small arrays.In the average case, the complexity for Insertion Sort is O(n²), and in the following implementation, it will perform a stable sort, in which the relative order of equal elements is preserved.

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Decoding My First Blog Post


Writing a blog post may seem easy at first... absolutely not! This is definitely not my first attempt of doing so. Since my main focus will be to write about subjects I know about, I believe I am not going to have much to tell this time. Within this blog, I hope to get my mind decoded in a readable form so that I can not only share my thoughts with you, but also refer to them when I need to.

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Hello! My name is Frederico Mello, but you can also call me Fred.

I am a Lead Software Developer with just over 10 years of experience who loves sports, traveling, and researching about new processes and algorithms.

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