Why Should Computer Scientists Write Posts

Writing blogs isn't a task for everyone. It wasn't easy for me to write my first blog post. It took me a while to find a topic that I would be comfortable enough to write about. They seemed either too basic, so that you would not be interested on, or way too specif, so that you would not understand anything I was writing about or it would take me a lifetime to get it right.

Nevertheless, I took courage, picked a topic, and soon I was striking my first words in a notepad. I wanted to make it interesting and easy to read yet fun to keep your fullest attention. After a couple of hours in front of the computer I was finally done. Uff... what a relief - I thought I would never go through this pain again, but...

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CSC165 - sLog wk#7

This week we continued studying algorithm analysis and asymptotic notation. We formalized the definition of big-O (upper-bound) and big-Omega (lower-bound), learned how to prove if a function is in big-O or big-Omega, and analyzed a couple of algorithms. To finish the class we solved an interesting problem that I'll be posting about later... stay tunned.

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CSC165 - sLog wk#5

This week we continued our discussion about proofs. Since we had covered the basics last week, this week we delve into it a bit more. We discussed proofs about non-boolean functions, limits, and also talked about disproofs.

What was this week about?

  • Proof about non-boolean functions
  • Proof something is false
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CSC165 - sLog wk#4

Another week completed! Also, we just wrote our first midterm exam for the course. After the exam, we continued with the lecture as expected (it is a 3 hours long class!) and started to dig a little bit deeper on proofs. In my opinion, proofs are a bit boring at the beginning, but once you get a grasp of it, it gets more interesting. Let's review it!

Euclid's Proof of the Infinitude of Primes (c. 300 BC)

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Hello! My name is Frederico Mello, but you can also call me Fred.

I am a Lead Software Developer with just over 10 years of experience who loves sports, traveling, and researching about new processes and algorithms.

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